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Has it ever happened to you, you pulled your car at the parking lot of a shopping mall and realized you don’t have your reusable bags handy?

Well, you aren’t alone. We all have been there!

Even though the process of buying reusable shopping bags is easy, keeping them handy at the time of use is the most challenging part.

So, in this blog, we will share a list of tried and tested tricks on how to not forget your reusable bags.

Let’s begin!

1- Store the bags back in the car as soon you are done unloading

No matter how long it takes for you to put the groceries away in the pantry or fridge. Just make sure that as soon as the reusable bags are empty, you store them back in your car. This way, you will always have your bags handy, therefore no more last minute weeping in the parking lot of the shopping malls.

2- Place your bags near the front door

Another thing you can do is, placing the reusable bags near the front door. As soon as you unload the bag, hang it near the front door.

You can either hang it on the adjacent wall or just behind the door. This way, it will become hard to miss a large pile of stuff on the door while you are walking out of the door.

3- Have plenty of bags

One easy way of rebelling against the use of the plastic bag is by investing in a few reusable bags wholesale.

This way, you can place the bags around the house, in the car as well as in your purse, etc., therefore, never missing out on one.

4- Keep a bag on you

If you love carrying fanny packs or shoulder bags, it is best to keep a spare reusable bag in your fanny pack or shoulder bag. This way, you will have a sustainable option on you instead of paying a few dollars for a plastic bag while checking out.

5- Make it a team effort

In this world-saving mission of yours, make sure that you have a few partners in crime (not actually), too.

Whenever you leave for shopping, you can request someone in the family or your partner to help remember carrying the bags.

Also, if possible, encourage them to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. This is because practice makes people perfect, therefore helping others to be perfect, too.

Wrapping up

Initially, you will definitely struggle with getting used to the process of carrying reusable grocery bags everywhere. But, following the tips suggested above will help you to inculcate this wonderful habit.